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AIMS compact, light weight and reliable hand held coder for roll-printing B.No., Mfg.Dt., Exp.Dt., M.R.P. Rs., Ingredients, Destination Address, Logos, etc. on corrugated cartons, plywood, wooden crates, paper bags, cement / asbestos sheets, leather cloth, HDPE woven sacks, etc. Model HHC -95 - S.

These Hand Coders are easy to use large character printers for in-house printing on corrugated master cartons & barrels.

The message to be printed is very easily composed by just push fitting the grooved stereos (easily changeable) on to the groove ring drum. The inking system consists of a rechargeable ink cartridge, which can be used for porous and non-porous surfaces.

When you place the coder on the carton & roll it, the stereos automatically get inked & print very clearly on the substrate in one action.

When you pick up the marker, the print drum automatically rotates back to the zero position due to the inbuilt spring action, ready for the next printing which will be from the start of the message at the same position.

HHC - 95 - 
HHC - 190 - 
HHC - 50 - 
Printing Area
Prints using
Inking Medium
Printing Medium

Model HHC - 95 with printing area of 95 mm. X 350 mm.
Model HHC - 190
Model HHC - 50
Model HHC -  - S
Model HHC -  - C
Model HHC -  - P
Model HHC -  - N


Hand Held Coder for Cartons - HHC-95
The HHC-95 is the standard, most convenient & easy to use marker for regular printing on cartons, etc.

Hand Held Coder for Cartons - HHC-190


The HHC-190 marker is used in where a lot of lines of data, address, etc. is to be printed in one stroke.

Hand Held Coder for Cartons - HHC-50 with printing area of 50 mm. X 195 mm

The HHC-50 marker is a very small & convenient marker to print small amount of information on plastic / paper bags & cartons.

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  • Very compact, lightweight portable and low cost model, which can be carried to any location.
  • A message can be composed and marked in minutes. Even unskilled worker can easily use the machine.
  • It is equipped with a tension spring that returns the marker to its zero position after every stroke. In the process the type gets re-inked as it passes below the ink roller and is ready for use again.
  • The handy marker is equipped with a large capacity, long lasting ink roller, which is especially formulated to release uniform quantity of ink for each impression without need for frequent re-inking.
  • Special grooved alphanumeric rubber stereo set consisting of A to Z, 0 to 9 & symbols, all in multiple quantities & size from 3 mm. to 39 mm., for easy message composing are available. No need to maintain an inventory of stencils or pre-printed labels for your shippers.
  • Logos, emblems, monograms, composite strips, etc. can be made to order as per your design and artwork.



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